3 Keys To Men’s Health And Exercises That Get Your Ripped And Having Fun

Key 1 – Weight Training

With so many different exercises, fad diets, workout machines, promises of a huge chest and a six pack by just sitting up, and I can go on forever… Well these promises leave almost everybody confused about what really works and what will melt fat and build muscle.

One answer… Weight Training!

There is nothing else in the fitness industry that will have the impact on your body and life that weight training does. Why is this so? Well when you weight train, you are building brand new muscle. This brand new muscle needs energy to grow and survive and it gets that energy from calories. This new muscle literally eats your fat storages toning you up with new muscle.

So now you are starting to get ripped and people begin to notice. You begin to notice how you look and that is one of the best benefits of weight training… Confidence. Your confidence will go through the roof.

The people in your life will be attracted to you and respect you more. Your acquaintances at your job will begin to treat you better and you will be more productive.

Key 2 – Nutrition

Well this should be no surprise to you. Nutrition is definitely the hardest thing to build a strong discipline with. As humans, we love to eat… we also make some really good food that is really bad for us.

You can’t sugar coat this except for the fact that healthy food is becoming tastier and tastier. You have to eat well… really well.

There is a silver lining in this fact though. When you do this for about 3 weeks, you will notice your entire eating habits and cravings change. You really begin to crave great food and then you experiment on how to make new better foods and dishes.

Nutrition helps compliment and even multiply the effects of weight training. You look better faster and easier!

Key 3 – Playing Around

No this is not what you think when I say playing around. Playing around is something that is very different from what you typically think of when it comes to men’s health and exercises.

Playing around means going outside and doing something you love that is active. For example… I love to go out with my girlfriend and play tennis or go kayaking. Why is playing around so important and revolutionary.

Well everybody else will tell you to just do your workout 3 times a week for 20 minutes. This is OK I guess… if you want to be average. But if you want to be ripped and confident, you have to use your body how it is supposed to be used.

Run, jump, swim, run, fall down, get back up, laugh, etc… This will help your weight training and nutrition give you your dream body even faster.. Kost och träningsschema