A Nusa Penida Trip – Day 1

Nusa Penida is the largest of the three Nusa Islands off the coast of Bali. It’s also home to some breathtaking scenery and a variety of things to do.

Experience the best of the island with a tour that includes Crystal Bay, Manta Point, Gamat Bay, and Wall Point. You’ll swim alongside colossal manta rays and see stunning coral reefs and marine life.

Day 1

Day one will cover the western side of Nusa Penida. It will be a mix of popular sights such as Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, Angel’s Billabong and more.

When it comes to getting around Nusa Penida there are three main options – rent a scooter, hire a driver or take part in a guided tour. The last option is the best for most people as you will have everything taken care of for you such as a car, ferry tickets and a guide.

Kelingking beach is perhaps the most famous attraction on the island due to its ‘T-Rex’ shaped peninsula sticking out of the sea and perfectly turquoise waters surrounding it. The view is truly spectacular and while most tourists only snap a few photos from the top there is a path down that allows visitors to actually sink their feet into the sand at the bottom.

There is a little bit of a hike down to the beach, however the scenery makes it worth it. The beach is also a great spot to watch the sunset and you can do this with very few other tourists making it perfect for that Instagram photo.

For those looking for something more active, Crystal bay is the perfect place to do some snorkelling. The reef here is home to many different types of fish and is a wonderful experience. Many tours include half-day snorkelling at this location and it is a must-do for water babies!

Day 2

The day starts with a trip to the secret Seganing waterfall. This waterfall is nestled into a narrow crevice of the cliff and feels like your own personal natural bathtub. The water is clear and calm, and the cliff makes for an epic backdrop. You can also rent snorkel gear here to see the coral or just relax on the beach with an ice-cold Bintang. There are plenty of small warungs here to grab food and drinks if you’re hungry.

From here you can head to Diamond Beach which is a cliffside beach that is accessible by climbing down a massive staircase built into the cliff wall. This beach is quite unique in that it is actually a natural pool separated from the ocean by a rocky tunnel. You’ll be able to see the ocean and beach from above before walking down the stairs, which are not for the faint of heart.

The next stop on this Nusa Penida itinerary is Goa Giri Putri Cave Temple which is a massive cave temple that is one of the most interesting and impressive places to visit on this island. There are several temples and chambers to explore here with rituals going on throughout the day. If you’re lucky, you might even see some Bali starlings or a snake (although there aren’t many).

Day 3

This day will be all about Kelingking Beach (aka T-Rex Beach). It’s the number one thing people come to Nusa Penida for and the Instagrammable scenery is definitely worth the trip. The cliff and rock formations are amazing and the beach itself is crystal clear with some pretty teasing views down below. The hike down to the beach is a bit of a challenge but the views are totally worth it.

The next stop is at the Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach which are best visited in the early morning so you don’t have to share the gorgeous sights with many other tourists. Getting there early also means you have the chance to try and spot Manta Rays in the sea below.

After this it’s time to check out the Tembeling Beach, Natural Pools and Forest which is another of the lesser-visited attractions. This place is a little more secluded and the stairway down is even more beautiful than what you get at Diamond Beach.

It’s also worth checking out the temples on the western side of the island and be sure to wear a sarong or bring something similar for men and women as you must be fully clothed when entering the temples. It’s a great way to see the culture on the island and a lovely way to end your day.

Day 4

Most people only visit Nusa Penida as a day trip, but if you stay for three or more days you’ll get to know this magical island and really experience a quieter Bali. Today you’ll hit up Angel’s Billabong, Broken Beach and Crystal Bay. They’re all close together so they’re best visited in the early AM hours or later in the day when most of the day trippers from Lembongan and Penida have returned to their boats and left the area.

At Broken Beach you’ll see the rock arch that resembles a heart and one of the coolest ocean views on the island. It’s also a popular hangout spot for manta rays, so if you’re lucky you might be able to swim with these graceful creatures.

The next stop is Crystal Bay where you can snorkel in crystal clear water and see the fish underwater. It’s a popular spot so it can be crowded but there are a few beach lounge areas that give you a private place to lay and relax.

Lastly, head to Secret Penida Cafe and enjoy a drink in this gorgeous Bali-esque cafe with its pastel painted walls. The vibe is super relaxed and it’s a perfect way to end your nusa penida trip before catching the boat back to Lembongan and then Bali.