Advantages of Using RSS Feeds

Search engines love RSS. You can submit your site’s RSS feed to many different RSS directories. As robots crawl the web and come upon your feeds on many different sites,Advantages of Using RSS Feeds Articles your website gets more hits, your rankings can increase, a lot can happen.

Just adding a link on your page that says RSS can do a lot for your traffic. If a person has an aggregator, they can easily view your RSS feed to find updated content. You could just offer a teaser in the feed, requiring the viewer to actually go to your site to view the whole article. Insta-hit!

There are hundreds if not thousands of internet success stories. A growing number of them are offering different secrets, topics about how to add and use RSS feeds to increase your website’s traffic.

In addition to all of these great traffic helps, there has been an increasing number of ads being placed in RSS feeds. Google ads are a very popular affiliate program which pays for every click. Some people now integrate their Google ads into the RSS feeds. That’s more exposure, more chances to get money, which is always great.

There are many reasons to use RSS feeds, and just about all of them are good. If you really need to boost your traffic, RSS is definitely the way to go. Tutorials about RSS will be popping up on this site soon. Agence publicité en ligne paris 14