BBQ’S & Smokers


BBQ’S & SMOKERS are two of the most popular ways to cook food outdoors. gas heaters They use high heat and fast cooking times to get your food smoky and delicious. There are several different styles of barbecuing and each technique can produce unique results for your food. If you’re planning to buy a smoker or grill, it is important to consider these types of cooking methods to ensure you get the best barbecue possible for your needs.

Generally, there are three main categories of BBQ cooking; hot smoking, low and slow barbecuing, and grilling. Each one can deliver a different result for your food and each style can be used to cook a variety of foods from meats, fish and poultry to vegetables and fruits.

Hot Smoking

The hottest method of smoking uses a temperature above 300 degrees Fahrenheit to fully cook your meat and add a smokey flavour to it. This is a great way to add flavor to your meat while also ensuring it has the tenderness you need when eating.

It is also a good way to cook meats that are difficult to grill such as ribs or whole chickens. However, it can take a long time to achieve the desired temperature, so it is important to keep an eye on it throughout the process and remove the meat as needed.

While you can still cook meat on a traditional gas or charcoal grill, it is easier to achieve a smoky flavour with a BBQ smoker. This is because the firebox attached to the smoker feeds smoke into your food and it infuses into your food through the cooking process.

There are a range of BBQ smokers to choose from, so make sure you get the right size for your needs. We have small portable smokers that can be transported anywhere you need them to go, as well as larger oil drum size smokers that can be built into your outdoor kitchen.

Water Smokers

If you want to keep your food moist and cooked in a stable temperature, look for a BBQ smoker with a water bowl located between the fuel compartment and the food. Some popular brands like Weber Smokey Mountain BBQ smokers, feature this design, making them easier to maintain a consistent temperature.

Choosing the right wood for your smoker

The type of wood that you use can make all the difference when it comes to achieving your ideal barbecue. Hardwoods, such as hickory or mesquite, are best for smokers because they smolder more slowly and consistently than wood chips. They can also help you infuse smoky flavour into your meat, according to BA’s Chris Morocco.

You should also keep in mind that the smoky taste you get from your BBQ will depend on how well you control the heat and how often you replenish the wood or coals in your smoker. To ensure your meat is always cooked to perfection, we recommend adding a pan of water on the smoker’s grate during the early stages of cooking so that it can absorb the smoke and add moisture.