Bone Conduction Headphones With Mic

bone conduction headphones with mic are a great option for active listeners, whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or hiker who wants to keep your ears open and remain aware of what is going on around you. By transmitting sound through your cheekbones rather than through air, they leave your ears free to hear the sounds of nature or the traffic behind you as you commute to work.

The technology isn’t new; it’s the same technique sea mammals use underwater and composer Beethoven discovered when he began to lose his hearing. Sound waves reach your eardrum and cause it to vibrate, which your brain interprets as sound. With bone-conduction headphones like AfterShokz, sound vibrations bypass your eardrum and are transmitted to the cochlea—aka your inner ear—directly via the bones in your cheekbones.

With a secure fit that rests on your cheekbones and near where the frames of your glasses sit, the AfterShokz Aeropex offer premium audio with a sleek, lightweight design that promises minimal pressure build-up. They also have touch controls and a top-quality microphone for business calls.

Shokz is dedicated to producing top-tier bone-conduction headphones, and this pair is no exception. They feature patented ninth-generation technology that improves sound quality and provide an immersive music experience with a battery life that lasts up to 10 hours with a single charge. They’re equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 and come with a magnetic charging cable that snaps onto the headphones for quick and easy recharges.