Button Head Screw and Hex Head Screw Types

When connecting two pieces of equipment together, the right screws are vital. There are a lot of different head types, sizes and materials that screw manufacturers offer for your fastening needs. The most popular are cap screws and button head socket caps screws.

Button head socket caps are threaded fasteners that have a round, button-shaped head and a recessed hexagon drive hole. They are typically tightened with an allen wrench or hex key and can be tightened to higher torque specifications than slotted or cross recessed drive machine screws. Most button socket cap screws have clean heads with no stamping or marking for a nice, finished appearance.

Hex head screws, also known as hex bolts or hex nuts, are bolt fasteners that have a six-sided, externally threaded body. Hex bolts can generate a stronger compressive load than most other screw fasteners and resist rotational or lateral movement.

Hex head socket cap screws, on the other hand, have a raised dome-shaped head and a recessed hexagon socket. They are commonly used in industrial, automotive, electronics and machinery applications. The socket button head helps to prevent loosening, and the flat head allows for a wider bearing surface to prevent damage to components below it. These fasteners have a hex drive and can be tightened to high torque requirements. They also have a tamper-resistant Torx Plus drive (with a pin in the center to prevent removal) and an O-ring under the head that blocks leaks and seals out dust. Button Head Screw