Chakra Jewelry

Chakra jewelry calms the senses of a person during challenging times of life. It is believed that it transmits positive vibrations to the deepest parts of the body which helps reviving the blocked chakras and restore equilibrium on an emotional and mental level. It enables one to stay kind and compassionate to others, zealous and realize their inner potential.

The chakra jewelry consists of a strand of crystal beads that corresponds with the different energy centers. The beads have a specific color that represents each chakra. For example, black tourmaline is associated with the root chakra that promotes grounding and stability. On the other hand, hematite and red jasper is related to the sacral chakra which stimulates creativity and sexuality. Similarly, blue lace agate, lapis lazuli and rose quartz is related to the heart chakra that balances emotions and enhances communication skills.

Moreover, the strand of chakra bracelets also includes amethyst that represents the crown chakra that connects us to our spirituality and balances our perception. Other popular choices for the crown chakra include labradorite and tanzanite that are both known for their ability to boost concentration, clarity and insight.

In addition to chakra jewelry, you can also try out the mala bracelets which are used in yoga and Hinduism as prayer beads for meditation. They typically consist of 108 beads made from wood or gemstones and include a guru bead which signifies enlightenment. During meditation, you can count the beads while focusing on your psychic energy and breathing rhythmically. It is recommended to cleanse the chakra bracelet or necklace occasionally to re-energize it. You can do this by using water, leaving it under the moon or using smoke to purify it.  chakra jewelry