Choosing a Hardness Tester For Sale

Whether you’re testing metal parts or looking for a way to determine the strength of concrete, it is important to use a hardness tester for sale that can provide accurate and reliable results. These devices work by measuring the force that is required to make an indentation in a sample of a material. This information is then used to calculate a hardness rating for the sample material. We offer a variety of different types of hardness testers for sale, including Rockwell, Brinell, and Vickers. We also have a selection of portable models that can be taken on-site for quick and easy testing.

rockwell hardness tester for sale are the most popular type of hardness testing device available. These machines are designed to measure the hardness of metals by using a diamond indenter that is forced into the surface of the material being tested. The test is completed by evaluating the depth of the indentation, which is used to calculate the Rockwell hardness number.

This is a simple and convenient method for measuring the hardness of a wide range of materials, including steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals, and engineering plastics. The results from this testing can be easily converted into the most common regular Rockwell scales, HB, HV, HK, and more. The Brinell testing method is often preferred over the Rockwell because it can be performed on rough samples that are difficult to handle with other methods.

Master calibration sets are the most cost-effective solution for maintaining an optimal level of accuracy within a Rockwell hardness testing system. These sets include test blocks that are marked with the exact indenter or penetrator that was used to calibrate the system, eliminating potential variables as a source of error.

We’re proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality portable hardness testers for sale, including Rockwell and Brinell models. These portable hardness testers are ideal for a variety of applications, from assessing the hardness of large metal parts to determining the toughness of small precision parts and wires. We also carry a number of Leebs hardness testers, which can be used for determining the hardness of ceramic and other thin layers of a material.

Browse our catalog to find the right hardness tester for your specific needs. We offer a full selection of high-quality analog and digital models, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your workplace. If you need assistance, our knowledgeable team is happy to answer any questions that you may have. We also offer a complete line of accessories for your Rockwell hardness tester, including replacement indenters and carbide ball penetrators. This ensures that your device is always ready for action and that you can get the most out of it every time.