Colombia – The Country Of Bright Contrasts

Colombia turned into a traveler course of another thousand years. Hundred a large number of sightseers from everywhere the world have picked the movement to the nation of incredible wealth for quite a while back. In 2007 principal bearings for unfamiliar guests became Bogotá, Cartagena and Medellin. 40,9 % of the benefit is from the general number of vacationers from Latin America, yet the inflow of guests from far abroad likewise increment. Thus, inside the initial 9 months of the ongoing year the appearance simply via quality of unfamiliar vacationers in the nation expanded by 14,2 %. Since January till October 780891 people visited the country. A similar list for the comparable time of 2006 was 684089 people. These figures for the pastor of exchange, industry and the travel industry Luis Guillermo Plata develop out the changes, permitted to change all around the world the perspective about Colombia as about the perilous country.

Consistently an ever increasing number of individuals get to know the magnificence of Colombia, its social assortment, benefits and warmth of Colombians. It is an outcome of tireless work of the public authority concerning the wellbeing of a majority rule government, business, the foundation, development and lawful solidness for financial backers, the clergyman considers. The reason for the service – to get 4 million travelers by 2010 – is by all accounts not currently so exceptionally awesome as quite a long while prior. As per the insights of the Help of monetary examination of the service and division of regulatory wellbeing (DAS), during September Colombia was visited by 86877 outsiders, having expanded the keep going year’s file on 8,75 %.

Bogotá is as yet the primary vacationer course of explorers – it was visited by 452546 travelers. Bogotá turns into a strict, gastronomic and business focal point of the travel industry. Additionally, the city is the essential changing unit for the movement to different areas of the country. Bachelor party packages in Cartagena turned into the second one by the participation since January till October. It was visited by 11,2 % from the general number of vacationers, that is 97644 people and its ubiquity has expanded on 0,3 % in examination with 2006. Medellin turned into the third one by the fame. It got 78478 travelers, that is on

17,8 % more than the last year’s record. Such urban communities as Cúcuta, Bucarmanga and Pereira likewise address the development by the meeting file . The amount of vacationers from the journey delivers additionally has expanded on 16244 people or on 48,4 %. From the very outset of the year 43 luxury ships have shown up to the country, 33 of which came into Cartagena, 7 – in St Nick Marta and 3 – on the island San Andres.