Electronic Warrants and Search Warrants

For law enforcement officers, the ability to apply for a warrant quickly and efficiently is critical. It reduces the chance that the suspect will be tipped off, or flee and is necessary to ensure the safety of officers and members of the public.

It also allows officers to take action as soon as they have probable cause and can minimize the risk of contaminating evidence or tipping off a suspect who might otherwise have been able to escape detection. The use of an electronic warrant system such as our EWI product makes this possible by allowing officers to access the application from their squad car using secure internet connectivity and then sending it directly to a judge for review. This process can be augmented with secure video conferencing between the officer and the judge to enable a face to face discussion.

Search warrants must particularly describe the place to be searched and the things to be seized. This is especially true when the object of the search is a computer that is suspected to contain child pornography or stolen property, as well as in cases where the computers are being used for hacking. A person with technical expertise should assist the officers and magistrates in constructing search warrants involving computers.

The FusionStak team has pioneered and led the way in electronic warrant systems since 1999 with our national award winning product, EWI (Electronic Warrant Interchange). Managed by a dynamic group of police and court leaders, EWI is now powered by our FusionStak platform which enables remote collaboration between courts and officers.  electronic warrants