Explosion Proof Flanged Ball Valves

Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Flanged Ball Valves
This explosion-proof sanitary valve is designed for use in brewing applications. The valve seat is constructed of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which provides a good seal that prevents process fluid leaks and contamination from the process. The flanged design allows for easy installation and mounting of the valve in the piping system. The valve uses a tri-clamp connection, which is the preferred method for connecting flanged equipment to the sanitary system. This eliminates the need for welding, which reduces the likelihood of leaks and the risk of bacterial development owing to persistent stains on the valve seat.

The dual-certified fire-safe/low emission valve made of 316 stainless steel mounts between standard ANSI 150 pound pipe flanges. The valve is power-to-open and power-to-close, and it will stay in last known position with loss of power. It requires no manual operation. On receipt of a continuous signal the motor runs and via a self-locking gear drive rotates the inner flanged stainless steel ball one quarter turn, opening or closing the valve. The motor is stopped by internal cams striking limit switches when the reversing continuous signal is received.

The electric actuated explosion-proof ball valve is suitable for flammable and explosive gas liquid dust or powder and other occasions that require strict sealing requirements. It has the advantages of small size large circulation capacity simple structure convenient maintenance and long service life. It can be controlled by a switch type or regulation type and is widely used in petroleum chemical industry metallurgy light industry paper making power station refrigeration and other work fields. Explosion Proof Flanged Ball Valves