Fallout Shelter Tips And Tricks

Fallout Shelter Tips And Tricks

Fallout Shelter Tips: Fallout Sanctuary was a major retirement for a studio finest known for sprawling RPGs such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Bethesda, however, put its own spiral on the genre, making a resource administration sim that’s playable on both your phone and tablet. In the three years since the title’s initial launch, it has come to PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch — which perceives like a natural home for the management sim on console.

Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran returning from the wasteland, we’ve put simultaneously a few pointers to help you build a prosperous vault that will be the envy of scavengers and super mutants the world over.

 Fallout Shelter Tips And Tricks

Fallout Shelter Tips And Tricks

While you’re hanging for Fallout 76 to make all of your MMO imaginations come true, relive the joys of Fallout Sanctuary all over again, but this time on your Nintendo Switch. If you like witty writing, building administration, post-apocalyptic wastelands, and listening your entire female population waddle around in giant yellow pregnancy sweaters, this is the sport for you.

I’ve got plenty of experience with Fallout Shelter from when it first launched on iPhone (I may have played it way too much), and as such, have perfected its many devious arts: dweller management; sending adventurers to the wasteland; rushing rooms with impunity; and impregnating your female dwellers—for the good of the species!—when the time comes.

This was regularly one of my primo tricks in Sim Tower, and it carries over to just about any other building strategy game: Even if you don’t have places you can build yet, start organizing where you’ll place rooms and floors early on.

First, each floor has room for two elevator shafts, with one already pre-built for you; though you can add more, I uphold against it.

You manufacture rooms in the game in one-room segments, but don’t let those tiny rooms pretend you — you can build up to two more photographs of that room next to it to combine that section of the floor into one giant area. This is highly prescribed, and one of the best ways to get a balanced, bustling population early.

You won’t have the CAPS—in-game money—to build these three-room areas off the bat, so here’s where the plan comes in: You start the game with two elevators—on floor zero and floor -1, respectively: On floor zero, you have a one-room living area; and a completely empty lower floor.

Accounting for an elevator at the very end of the -1 floor, you can build one three-room area, the escalator, a three-room area, two-room area, and another elevator.

I like to start by putting a one-room power plant on the left side of the pre-built elevator at floor -1, and one water-treatment plant on the appropriate side. This way, when I build out, I can build a full three-room power plant and three-room water treatment plant.

On the top floor, you’ll be stuck with a one-room existence area next to a one-room cafeteria at first; I recommending building as-is, then demolishing that first floor and reconstructing once you have a bit more depth to your tower.

Fallout Shelter Tips And Cheats

 Fallout Shelter Tips And Cheats

Because rooms max outside at three across, always drop space for them to expand. Prolonging the initial elevator directly down leaves you room for three-wide rooms on either side. It may be a little more expensive to build elevators down instead of using more of the straight space, but the long-term efficiency of this simple, two-column framework can’t be beat.

Even if you do have the personnel, frequently it is better to focus on training them to work more efficiently in the rooms you do have instead of building new ones. Power generating rooms are the exception, though. If you are generating surplus of electricity, you can carefully build more facilities to increase your storage strength without putting a strain on your resources.

Speck CandyShell Inked CasesRooms require more power to operate the much they are from a power plant, so be sure to space your reactors out evenly to maximize their efficiency. Don’t build too fast, though! Diners and drink treatment facilities use power even if no one is operating them, so building facilities you can’t utilize yet is a waste of precious power.

Fallout Shelter Tips Reddit

Most rooms in Radioactive dust Shelter can be expanded and merged, while elevators provide your dwellers access to different floors. However, traveling between rooms can become slow if you create a maze of incoherent areas. It’s best to know what layout you want to use as soon as you start building. Each row in your vault has space for two escalators, two three-block rooms, and one two-block room.

You should make sure all your escalators form a straight line downwards—like a traditional elevator shaft. This makes confident your dwellers can get around easily. The exact blueprint is up to you, but most people opt to either have their elevator shafts down the sides of their vault or elevator cylinders on either side of a three-block room in the midst.

To keep everything aligned, leave room for future expansions and build downwards instead of sideways if you need to add a new type of room. Each new room in your vault consumes extra electricity, so you don’t want to needlessly add rooms that you’re unable to use just because you’ve unlocked them.

Rather focus on expanding when you have enough electricity capacity. You should also make sure that you have enough dwellers to utilize these extra rooms, otherwise, they’re a waste. You may be tempted to scrap and sell weapons that your explorers aren’t using, but you’ll find better use out of them by equipping your vault dwellers. These weapons can help prepare your dwellers for vault incidents and attacks.

Only salvage or sell low-damage weapons when you’ve equipped all of your dwellers. You should also make sure to keep some backup higher-damage weapons handy to equip any new dwellers.

Fallout Shelter Game Tips

Things will get tougher as you continue to maintain your Vault by producing resources, gaining new Dwellers, and expanding the area of your Vault. As you go deeper into the ground building more rooms and thriving, your Vault will be more costly and time consuming to maintain. Here are some tips to help you keep your Vault thriving and productive in the later parts of the game.

  • Don’t arm pregnant women with any weapons. They will always flee when danger is present, so giving them weapons is pointless. Give those weapons to other Dwellers that can use them.
  • Be sure to put pregnant women and their mate back to work in a room once they are done consumating. They don’t need to hang out in the Living Quarters.
  • Don’t increase your population too fast. It is worth your time to wait at a certain population level and increase Dwellers SPECIAL stats to increase the efficiency of your resource gathering rooms.
  • Having a few more Dwellers than can be working for resources at a time can be helpful. Some can train up SPECIAL stats and others can search the Wasteland.
  • Sell any gun that has 0 or 1 damage. It’s not worth keeping as you do the same or more damage with the fist. You will also obtain better weapons over time. You can definitely use the extra CAPS.
  • Kids can’t work at all, so make sure you don’t have more Dwellers than you can feed in your Vault. Try to keep a good ratio of working Dwellers to Kids.
  • Mix up your mating pairs since anyone in the same bloodline won’t breed with another person in that same bloodline. The game will not allow incestuous relationships. Pairing Dwellers up will notify you if they are of the same bloodline.
  • Dweller couples will reach 100% happiness if they make a baby. If you see some of your Dwellers getting unhappy, you can give them a boost by letting them have a baby.
  • Luck helps Dwellers in the Wasteland find better items. High stats all around are good for explorers, but Luck and Endurance are the most important for getting good loot.
  • Mates can produce babies with higher stats if both mates have high stats. So be tactical when you pair up your Dwellers.
  • Make sure the room next to your Vault door has some well-armed dwellers nearby in case Raiders try to invade your Vault.
  • Put your least important rooms furthest away from your generator, that way they are the ones that shut off first if you happen to lose power.
  • Rushing rooms if your dwellers are radiated or starving increases chances of a fire and rad roaches.
  • If you want to make extra CAPS from rushing, or meet a rush objective, rush a room with lots of armed dwellers so they can handle any disaster that happens. Rushing a smaller room makes for easier disaster control.
  • Wasteland explorers don’t take damage when they are returning back to your Vault, so let them expend their allotted Stimpaks and RadAway before you recall them back.
  • In any of the “equip” objectives, you can just unequip and re-equip gear to complete the objectives.
  • When you drag a dweller over a room, it shows the amount of resources they will help reap from the room. Negative numbers are possible when you drag a mismatched person to a room they are not suited to be placed at. Remember that this indicator only shows overall (including clothing bonus) so remove any clothing before moving dwellers around.
  • You can dismiss one objective each day. It’s best to dismiss ones that don’t help you achieve other goals, like the goal of getting dwellers to dance with each other. Don’t dismiss a lunchbox goal. You need the rewards you gain from Lunchboxes.
  • Nightwear is a great set of clothing that raises Charisma +3. Keep a set on hand to throw on any dwellers you are trying to get to reproduce and increase your Vault population.
  • If a dweller dies, you can bring them back to life by paying a set amount of CAPS.
  • You can get significant amount of bonus CAPS when collecting resources just by having dwellers with high Luck in a room. This can become your main source of caps if you are, ahem, **Lucky**.
  • The longer Dwellers are out exploring the wasteland, the stronger the enemies they’ll encounter. Meaning, they will gain more experience if they slay them.
  • Power rooms do not use any resources so if you find your threshold is close to your max stockpile you can create a new power facility and not staff it to get the extra storage. (Food and Water producers still cost power so be careful when using this strategy on them)

Pregnant dwellers might not give birth to their baby if the living quarters they used has been deleted. This is a bug, and should be fixed in a future game update.

Do vault numbers matter in fallout shelter?

2 Answers. Primarily, the vault number is just a means to identify a specific vault, so that players can easily identify a given vault between other options. If you consider Fallout Shelter canon, each vault number coincides with an actual vault, in the Fallout universe.

How long are dwellers pregnant in fallout shelter?

Make sure to assign at least one male/non-pregnant Dweller to all stations and don’t equip pregnant women with weapons since they don’t use them. Deliver Baby: After mating it takes 3 hours for a baby to be born. You do not have to be in the game for this whole time. Just come back after 3 hours and you’ll have a baby.

What is the best way to build a vault in fallout shelter?

Fallout Shelter Android Game Tip Set #1 – Set Up A Good Vault Layout
  1. Build a power room on top level, to the right of the vault door/living quarters.
  2. Build a diner to the left of the second floor elevator.
  3. Build a water treatment room to the right side of the elevator on the second floor.