Funny Dad Jokes That Will Make Your Kids Laugh Out Loud

We all love a good pun, but a dad joke is different. Dad jokes walk a fine line between groan-worthy and hilarious, equal parts stupid and silly. They can make your kids (and their friends) laugh out loud and squirm at the same time. So next time your students ask to hear a joke, pull out one of these cheesy gems. Just be prepared for a lot of eye-rolling and groans.

A dad joke is a type of joke that is typically a pun and often presented as a question and answer or a one-liner. They are often used by parents to make their children laugh, but they can also be told by anyone who is looking for a chuckle or a belly laugh. A dad joke can be both witty and ridiculous, with the latter being the more common of the two.

Among the best dad jokes are those that use food puns and other wordplay. For example, what do you call a fish that wears a bow tie? A sofishticated.

Other examples of funny dad jokes include why can’t a dog go in the kitchen? Because it has a pawsonal license. What do you call a person who wears a wig? A faux-noodle. What do you call a cow that reads the paper every day? A Moo-paper reader. What do you call a pampered cow? A lamborghini. What do you call a person who eats too much cheese? A cheesy-licious person.