Funny Dad Jokes

Dads are the kings of cheesy jokes, and even though they may make you cringe, their one-liners and puns are actually pretty funny. But what does it take to make a joke a dad joke? It all comes down to how blatantly uncool it is. If you can evoke a sense of disbelief with your punch line, it’s officially a dad joke.

These cheesy jokes are perfect for getting the whole family laughing. From one-liners to puns, we’ve compiled the best dad jokes that will have you rolling on the floor. So next time you’re feeling like your dad is being too obnoxious, turn to one of these funny dad jokes and see if they can get him to laugh for once!

While it might seem tempting to write off dad jokes as bad humor, that’s a big mistake. In fact, when studied properly, dad jokes are a fascinating phenomenon that reveal a lot about both the nature of humour and fathers’ psychology.

Specifically, dad jokes can be seen as a way for fathers to teasingly embarrass their children. In this way, they resemble the rough-and-tumble play that many fathers have been instinctively moved to engage their children in since childhood, a behaviour which is mirrored in non-human primates (Murray et al., 2016). In addition to this, dad jokes often rely on over-the-top puns or pure silliness to achieve their comic effect. This combination of blatant uncoolness and cheesiness makes them particularly endearing.