Hair Dryer Diffuser

A hair dryer diffuser is a heat-protection tool that slides over your blow dryer’s nozzle to reduce the intensity of direct heat. This allows your wavy or curly locks to dry naturally, without over-drying, which can lead to frizz and damaged strands. A diffuser’s directional airflow is also able to elevate your hair’s natural bends and volume, making it ideal for anyone who wants a healthy, curly-looking mane.

To get the best results from your hair dryer diffuser, you should first spritz it with a heat protectant (this helps to create a barrier between your curls and the direct heat of your blow dryer) then start drying your hair with low settings and at a distance. It is important to avoid brushing or combing your hair while diffusing, as this will cause frizz and reduce the overall appearance of your curls.

You will want to use your hair dryer diffuser with the prongs facing downwards for a soft, defined, and natural look. If you prefer a fuller look, simply flip the prongs upward for a more bouncier, volumized finish.

The best hair dryer diffusers have a deep bowl to keep the hair in one piece, a universal attachment that fits most blow dryers, and small, evenly distributed holes for even and diffused air flow. Some have customizable vents, too, which is perfect for those who have thick or thin curls that dry differently. Lastly, look for a diffuser that has a silicone padded opening to protect the nozzle of your hair dryer and prevent scratches or damage. hair dryer diffuser