Hair Transplant Clinic in Paphos, Cyprus

Hair transplants are a safe, effective treatment for hair loss and a way to restore your natural, full head of hair. They can make you look younger and healthier, and they also help you regain your confidence. Many people choose to undergo hair transplant surgery overseas, and Paphos, Cyprus is one of the most popular destinations for this type of medical tourism. The city offers excellent facilities, experienced surgeons, and a chance to enjoy a beautiful Mediterranean vacation at the same time.

The clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of female and male hair loss. It uses the latest hair restoration techniques to fight effectively and restore even the most difficult cases of thinning and balding, and it has an impressive record of satisfied patients. Its doctors are experts in follicular unit extraction (FUE), the most advanced method for treating hair loss.

Dr Michalis is a world class hair transplant surgeon with experience in both FUT and FUE methods. He was trained in the USA by John Cole, a pioneer of FUE technique, and has since established himself as a leader in the field of hair restoration in Cyprus. He only performs FUE hair transplants, which are the most aesthetically pleasing and offer the best possible results.

After your hair transplant, you will start to notice new hairs growing in the treated area. You can use a mild shampoo to wash your hair, but it is important not to disturb the healing process by over-washing the area. Around 3-4 weeks after your procedure, your new hairs will begin to shed. This is a normal part of the healing process and it will give way to new, stronger hairs in the following months.  hair transplant cyprus