Hiking the Ozark Trail

The Ozark Trail is an adventure destination for hikers that provides stunning views and a unique hiking experience. The trail is well-marked and suitable for hikers of all skill levels, making it a great choice for anyone looking to get out into nature and enjoy the sights of rivers, forests, and mountains. The trail also offers a range of camping options for those looking to extend their trip and fully experience the beauty of the region.

The trail is split into a number of different sections, offering trips from just a few miles up to a full 230-mile “thru hike.” Spend an afternoon exploring the Mina Sauk Falls and work up a sweat on the Devil’s Tollgate formation below Taum Sauk Mountain; or take a week to backpack along Blair Creek and the emerald Current River.

Each section has its own distinct landscape, making it a unique hiking adventure. You’ll see everything from rugged cliffs to rushing waterfalls and winding streams, as you make your way through the diverse terrain of the Ozark Trail. The trail is open year-round, but spring and fall are usually the best times to visit. The temperatures are cooler and there is less chance of rain, but the landscape can still be beautiful in the summer.

Aside from the natural beauty of the Ozark Trail, it is also a great place to watch wildlife. It is home to a wide variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles, all of which can be spotted while you’re out on the trail. Just be sure to respect the animals’ habitats and follow the rules of Leave No Trace while you’re out on the trail.

Whether you’re on the trail for just a few hours or planning a multi-day backpacking adventure, you’ll want to be prepared with the right gear. Be sure to bring plenty of water and food, a map of the trail, and appropriate footwear and clothing for the weather. In addition, make sure to let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back. With proper preparation, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your hiking adventure on the Ozark Trail.

The trail is not maintained by the government, so you’ll need to use traditional hiking tools like maps and a compass. Many parts of the trail are private or state lands, and you’ll share it with other hikers and cyclists. Be courteous and follow the rules of trail etiquette to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience on the trail. For more information about the Ozark Trail, be sure to visit its official website. There you’ll find detailed information about the trail and downloadable maps. You can also use the HiiKER app to plan and navigate your hiking adventures on the Ozark Trail for free! Ozark Trail Customer Service