How to Find the Best Outsource Photo Editing Service

Outsource Photo Editing
When you outsource photo editing, you gain back valuable time to focus on the core aspects of your business. And you may even find some extra time to hit the gym, take a vacation, attend your kid’s soccer game, spend a day with friends, or shoot for fun.

To make sure you get the right service, start by analyzing the photo editor’s portfolios. Look for important factors such as exposure and white balance, mobile responsiveness, technical proficiency, style, and more. The more you analyze the portfolios, the clearer your understanding of the company’s capabilities will be. You can also ask for examples of work that are domain-specific to ensure they’ll be able to meet your requirements.

A great company will provide onboarding to help you understand the nuances of your project and communicate with the photo editors in the most effective way. This can be as simple as a tutorial or wizard, or it could involve calls, meetings, and on-site visits to define your style guides.

Many BPO services try to be everything to everyone, but e-commerce product images are a different beast than portraits or food shots. Make sure you find a specialist like Pixelz, who is dedicated to the work they do.

Finally, make sure the company has a system to communicate with photo editors on a per-order basis. This can be as simple as a comments field on the image, or it can include a visual markup tool that makes it easier for you to communicate your needs and see progress in real-time.