How to Open a Watch Repair Shop London

Taking the time to repair your watches, clocks and other antique instruments will help you keep them in good working order and preserve their value. A qualified watch and clock repair specialist is able to diagnose problems, address them effectively, and restore your timepieces to their original condition. The process involves replacing the battery, adjusting the movement of the watch, addressing worn parts and gaskets, and testing for accuracy and ATM control.

When searching for a watch repair shop, experts recommend asking friends and family members for recommendations. But it’s also important to check the certifications of a repair shop, like accreditation from Wostep or the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Association. These credentials typically indicate that a watch repair shop uses authentic replacement parts and follows industry standards.

Watch and clock repair shops make their money from customers with designer, collectible or other rare watches. These customers tend to respect the craft of repairing and cleaning watches and are often return customers. They may even be willing to pay for a service called a “watch cleaning,” which consists of inspecting a watch and removing dirt.

If you are planning to open a Watch repair shop London, it is important to review all building codes and zoning requirements for your area before submitting your application. In addition, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). COs are issued by local governments and confirm that your business meets all state and federal regulations. You will also need to purchase business insurance, which protects you in the event of a covered loss. The cost of insurance for a Watch repair shop is typically less than $2,000 per year.