How to Use Free ChatGPT to Create SEO-Friendly Text for Websites and Social Media

Free ChatGPT is a generative AI program that allows users to write content with natural language. The program is popular among business owners and SEO professionals, but it also presents ethical questions about copyright and AI. Many of the prompts that can be written with ChatGPT are based on information already available online, which raises concerns about the program violating copyright and other legal boundaries by passing off work that is not original.

ChatGPT has quickly become a viral hit, amassing over 100 million monthly active users in less than two months. This has made it the fastest-growing consumer application ever, beating apps like TikTok and Instagram in their early days. It has also become the subject of memes and a hot topic of conversation at technology conferences, including this week’s World Economic Forum in Davos.

The program is currently being offered for free during its research preview phase, but will eventually transition to a monetized model. Until then, the application is only available for personal use. The free version of the app is not as comprehensive as ChatGPT Plus, which offers a business license, but it still provides useful tools to help users create SEO-friendly text for websites and social media.

While it is easy to simply enter a text prompt into the box and press “enter,” the best results come from specific requests with lots of detail. It’s important to remember that the AI can only do what it’s been taught, so try breaking down complex topics into smaller prompts with step-by-step instructions. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with different phrasings for the same prompt to find the one that gets the best result.

Once the AI generates a response to your prompt, it will display it in the left sidebar. From here, you can select a previous answer to edit, share, or delete it. You can also click on a button to “New chat” and start a new conversation without losing the context of your previous request. All of your conversations are saved in your account, but deleting a chat will not erase it from your history; the conversation will simply be hidden from the sidebar and will not be used to train future models.

Alternatively, you can also click on the pencil icon next to any existing response and modify it. In addition, you can choose to have ChatGPT automatically rewrite your response or ask it to refresh its knowledge of your prompt. This feature is particularly helpful if the AI fails to understand your prompt at first. If you are using the program for business purposes, you can also opt to allow the AI to access your LinkedIn profile. This will help it better identify your brand and provide a more tailored response. The option is completely optional and can be turned off at any time. Lastly, the right sidebar contains buttons to access your account and contact information as well as options for editing your preferences and settings.