Loose Diamonds: The House Doesn’t Always Win!

We’ve all heard the saying a million times: “You get what you pay for.” It’s true for almost everything and we’ve all been taught this lesson over and over. But we still do the opposite and buy the best deal we can find. For instance, the discounted can of paint you bought from the hardware store that faded and started to peel after only a year, or the pawnshop DVD player you scored last summer that ended up scratching and ruining your entire movie collection. If only you had put your money to good use and gone for quality instead of affordability.

Now, there really is a way to use those stubborn predispositions, and end up with quality! We’re talking major quality too. Have you ever heard of buying loose diamonds? It’s a fairly new trend, but one that’s been making some major headway since the beginning of the year. It first came onto the scene when savvy buyers began cutting out the middleman, and purchasing diamonds straight from the source: mining companies.

You see, primarily in the diamond business, stones go through several sources before they end up in your jewelry box or around your neck or on your finger. Scouts, who are employed and paid by dealers, are sent out to buy from mining distributions. The dealers then turn around and sell to jewelers and artisans all over the world. The more times money changes hands, the more the price goes up. But, this process of distribution is changing. It is becoming much more beneficial to the smart consumer, rather than the dealer.

This is how it works. Online companies are going straight to the source and purchasing from major mining operations. They make their inventory available on their websites, and you, the consumer, can purchase them direct from the buyer. No jeweler fees, no shipping, tax, etc. You are able to buy the diamond straight up. Once you have it, you can do with it what you please. Keep it for an investment or you can create your very own jewelry from scratch.

This is another reason the trend is so hot. A lot of smart people are utilizing custom design services to make their very own jewelry, and incorporate their loose diamonds in the pieces. Many jewelers offer these services, and at extremely affordable prices; much less costly than buying the preset jewelry you see in most stores. Certified loose diamond are available everywhere you can find a fine jeweler online. So, be sure that you go with a trusted company who offers guaranteed returns and certified diamond-grading reports. It’s a win-win! diamond painting eigenes bild