Magic Mushroom Kits

Magic mushroom kits are easy to use and a fun way to get started with growing your own psychedelic mushrooms. These kits contain everything you need to grow psilocybin-producing magic mushrooms in the comfort of your home. Just make sure you have a suitable environment and sterilize your tools and equipment before using.

Mushrooms are mind-altering substances that fuel serotonin production in the brain, resulting in a feeling of exhilaration. These psychedelic drugs can bring about feelings of euphoria, empathy and connection to the earth. They can also cause altered perceptions – colors may become brighter, sounds may be more vivid and your thoughts may seem to distort or move in unintended directions. This is often referred to as tripping and it’s a very enjoyable yet intense experience.

Most of the grow kits on the market feature the Psilocybe cubensis variety, with some offering different strains like the Golden Teacher or Mazatapec. Regardless of the variety, most of these kits are’ready to grow ‘, meaning all you have to do is follow the instructions to harvest your first crop in nine to 12 weeks.

This kit is a bit more interactive than others, as it comes with a sawdust block colonized by mushroom mycelium and a casing layer you mix yourself. It’s also a smaller producer, yielding 35 grams after its six- to eight-week growing cycle. The company behind this kit has a #GrowOneGiveOne campaign, where users share pictures of their finished product and the brand will donate a kit to a classroom of their choice.