Marvel’s Spider-Gwen Luminous Mask

The luminous mask is perfect for cosplayers who want to add a special touch to their outfits. Its design is inspired by Gwen Stacy’s unique hooded costume from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and it’s hand-crafted in sterling silver and polished to a mirror shine. Its face is adorned with magenta pink premium enamel, and its eyes are outlined with white enamel.

The mask is battery-powered and can be activated by sliding the lever at the back of the headpiece. Its lights emit a subtle glow that will capture the attention of everyone who sees it. It is a must-have for fans of Marvel’s Spider-Gwen, who can use it to enhance their costumes for Halloween or any other occasion. The Luminous Mask is comfortable and breathable, and it has been designed to ensure a great fit.

Gwen Stacy is a Marvel character from another universe who is known by several names, including Spider-Woman, Ghost-Spider and [insert half dozen more]. She is the girlfriend of Miles Morales, Peni Parker and other alternate versions of Peter Parker in the comics. She has superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, stamina, coordination and balance; a spider-like ability to cling to surfaces and ceilings; a precognition ability called “spider-sense”; and wrist-mounted web shooters that can project artificial spider webs for combating crime.

Your little superhero will love dressing up as the wall-crawler with this deluxe costume set. The outfit comes with a muscled bodysuit with webbed print, cowl mask and gloves in the style of Miles Morales.  spider gwen luminous mask