Portable Fire Fighting Pump

Fire fighting pump is a device used for fire control purposes and is often deployed by firefighters. The fire fighting pumps are very useful in preventing any fire disaster and rescuing people from the dangerous situations. These are equipped with powerful engines and the nozzles can spray water at an extreme high pressure, thereby providing effective fire extinguishing. This is very beneficial to the home owners and the fire departments too.

The portable fire fighting pumps are very versatile and can be moved anywhere with ease. They are highly reliable and come with various features, such as the ability to switch between petrol and diesel engine models, and meet world wide regulations governing exhaust emissions and noise levels. These are also very light in weight and can be carried by a person.

A fire pump is required when hydraulic calculations indicate that the water supply cannot provide the desired terminal pressure (measured in psi and bar) to meet the design requirements of a fire suppression system. This may occur in a building where the existing water pressure is too low due to hydraulic head losses from elevation differences, or when a large discharge capacity is required for fire suppression outlets, such as storage warehouses.

SPIEDR fire fighting pumps are designed to deliver excellent reliability with minimal maintenance requirements. Their lightweight, easy-to-use construction enables the fire fighters to deploy the pump quickly and easily. Moreover, the pumps are designed with a single stage pump to reduce bulk and complexity, which further improves efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, and extends the life of the pump.