Raising Flat Screen TV’s

With the growing popularity of flat screen tv’s many homeowners are seeking ways to raise them without having to rework their furniture. There are several different ways to do this ranging from simple DIY projects that can be done for very little money to a more expensive TV lift system that may require professional installation.

The easiest way to raise a tv is to simply put a stand on top of it. This can be a basic table leg or a more elaborate piece that is designed specifically for this purpose. Some of these are available for purchase and come in a variety of heights. Some of the more elaborate stands are made from a combination of wood pieces that are screwed together to create a platform that can be placed under a tv. These are often made from wood that matches the color or style of your furniture.

Another way to raise a tv is by placing it on top of a dresser or other type of furniture. You will need to make sure that the furniture is sturdy enough to support the weight of the TV. You should also ensure that the dresser has a large enough area underneath it to allow for the placement of the television. If the furniture is too small for this it can be a good idea to look at replacing it with something that is larger.

Adding wheels under the stand is a great way to make moving the furniture easier. This can be accomplished by using old casters from some type of furniture or by buying a set of plastic blocks that are designed for this purpose. These can be found at most home improvement stores and are easy to install.

If you prefer to use a more permanent solution to raising your tv you can opt for a wall mount. This can be more difficult to do because it requires a lot of technical skill and knowledge. You will need to be able to locate the studs in the wall before you attempt this and you will need to get the proper mounting hardware that will allow you to attach the mount securely to the wall. If you are not confident in your ability to do this you should hire a professional.

One of the most elegant solutions to raising a tv is to use a motorized lift. This is a more complex but highly effective method that will not only raise your tv to the ideal height but it can also protect it from damage and provide you with some added functionality. Some of these lifts have a contact strip that will stop the movement of the TV if it is obstructed and they also have an anti-collision monitoring system that will alert you if the power in the actuator rapidly increases.

If you are willing to invest in this more complicated solution then it is a good idea to make a cardboard template for your custom lifting mechanism. This will help to ensure that all the precise measurements are taken and transferred to the plywood when you are ready to begin work on your project. This will help to make the project go much faster and ensure that everything is in place correctly. raising tv’s