Silver Menorah

During the past two millenniums, craftsmen have created many styles of silver menorah. Some honered the religious article with magnificent ones made of Jerusalem stones, others crafted smaller versions from copper, tin & brass, and still others fashioned them out of sterling silver. The best-known silver menorahs are the exquisite models by Jewish artists such as Moshe Zabari.

Towards the end of her life, Rochel, an immigrant from Lithuania who settled in South Africa, commissioned a fine silver artisan to fashion a menorah for Chanukah. She pored over sketches and worked closely with the artisan to produce an extraordinary piece.

She proudly shook the wrapped parcel as she walked towards her astonished family, who could not wait to see it. As she unwrapped the layers of paper, she held it aloft to her aging eyes and relived the story of her ancestors.

The base of the menorah is a faceted section that begins smooth and becomes narrower, topped by an inward-curved row of twelve facets each etched with detailed scrollwork design. Each candlestick is capped with a similar curved design that leads down to a flat bottom.

ICOJ offers a wide variety of silver menorahs in designs ranging from the classic Biblical Menorah that is largely unchanged from the lamps used in the Tabernacle to modern Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern menorahs crafted by Israeli artisans. There is also an expansive selection of heirloom pieces from Eastern European emigre silversmiths who passed their skills to their descendants. silver menorah