Soccer Drills For Shooting

Soccer Drills for Shooting

How many times have you heard “If you don’t shoot, you’ll never score!”? This is true but what they really need to say is “If you don’t shoot with power and accuracy, you’ll never score.” The higher the level you play the more you must capitalize on each and every scoring chance. Here are some drills that will help you from placement to power, to rapid fire and volleys on the turn.

Break Away Shooting Drill

Split team in two groups just outside the penalty area about 10 yards apart. Have coach or another player stand between the 2 groups with the ball. One group is the offense one the defense. Pass the ball to the offense at the same time a defensive player releases to contest the shot. The offensive player must receive the ball and get off the shot before the defender arrives.

First Touch Shooting Drill

Set up a cone about 1 yard outside the 18 about even with the left side of the goal. Have two groups on either side of the goal post. The 1st player from the group on the left will sprint straight out and around the cone at this time the 1st player from the right side will pass him the ball. The shooter will shoot the ball on the 1st touch. In the meantime the player that passed the ball follows his pass and receives a pass from the 2nd player on the left side. He then shoots on 1st touch. This continues through both lines.

Turn and Shoot Shooting Drill

This drill can be carried out from anywhere on the pitch within shooting range. Set up a cone from the shooting point (a good starting point is about 25 yards straight out from the goal). Have the shooter stand at the cone have a passer stand 10-20 yards out from the shooter. Pass the ball to the shooter the shooter receives the ball with his back to the net, then turns and fires the shot.

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