The Flat Head Screw – The Most Common Tool in Your Toolbox

The Flat Head Screw is arguably the most common tool in your toolbox. It is found in almost every junk drawer, and handymen and women will use it to substitute for a number of different tools when they are not available. It can be ground down, bent, filed and adapted into a variety of practical uses around the house. It is also one of the cheapest tools on the market, making it one of the most sought after tools by handymen and home owners.

Often overlooked by many users, however, is the proper selection of screws for any project. Choosing the correct screw size, type and head style is important for both function and aesthetics. Newport Fasteners has a great deal of experience in providing the correct screw for the job. We can help you select the correct drive style, length and head shape to suit your application.

While most people are familiar with regular slotted or Phillips head screws, there are a variety of other types that are available for specific applications. For example, hex screw heads have a hexagonal profile and are used in a variety of applications. They are more commonly used in electrical and plumbing projects, but they can also be seen in the construction of furniture and appliances.

Other common screw head styles include the binder / binder undercut which is often used in electrical applications. This allows space for wire connections. The fillister head is smaller in diameter than the pan head and provides a deeper drive slot for thinner materials. This style is often seen in drywall and wood decking. Flat Head Screw