Tips about Information Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Breast cancer is still unknown disease until this day,Tips about Information Breast Cancer Risk Factors   Articles despite the fact that cancer affects nearly ten percent of women over the age of forty years around the world. Cause this killer cancer is not known even after decades of research. So it is not known why some women have a higher chance to get Breast Cancer than the others.

Although the factors kausatif are unknown, there are several risk factors have been identified. There is no medical evidence why these factors create disease is more likely to happen, but this is the study’s observations. In a broad cross-section of women with risk factors have been observed, it was found that the chances of getting breast cancer is very high.

Various risk factors for breast cancer are as follows:

1. Breast cancer family history

If the brother or sister who was near the mother has breast cancer, then there is a very high likelihood that the cancer will occur sometime in your life. This tendency is observed even if distant relatives, such as cousins and aunt had breast cancer, though likely lower. Even if a brother has cancer of the breast or prostate cancer, then there are chances of getting breast cancer. This clearly shows that breast cancer walks through the family line through inheritance. Of course the possibility is very high if more than one family member has breast cancer.

2. Personal history of breast cancer

If a woman has had breast cancer in the past, then there is a great possibility that breast cancer can occur again. This is true even if the cancer has been removed although in the stage of benign. Sometimes cancer cells spread to adjacent lymph. This makes it likely that the cancer will occur in the another breast. In fact, women who have had breast cancer have 50-75% more chances to develop breast cancer in the another breast.

3. Breast disease

Some breast disease can increase the likelihood of having breast cancer. Changes in breast cells can lead to atypical hyperplasia. This condition may cause a a three-four times the increase in the chances of getting breast cancer the following year. This risk also exists if the atypical hyperplasia has occurred in other women in your family. Other conditions such as benign tumours of the breast is a condition known as fibro adenoma. However, women with fibrocystic breasts generally do not have any vulnerabilities to breast cancer. However, such a condition could make a lump and hide the real of breast tumor (if any) during mammography.

4. Lifestyle

In today’s world, the lifestyle is the largest single contributing factor to the development of breast cancer among women. Some elements of lifestyle has been found to be the prevalence of breast cancer. Smoking and alcoholism in women is a major factor. Diet even pointed out as a risk factor that is important. Women who consume foods with higher cholesterol fats in it has a higher chance to hit by breast cancer. At the same time, lifestyle without engaging much in physical activity is also potentially dangerous.

5. Radiation

It has been found that women who undergo radiation therapy in their chest area at a young age have an increased risk of developing breast cancer in their life later. Radiation therapy is commonly prescribed to women with conditions such as Hodgkin’s disease or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. So women who have undergone treatment as possible will get breast cancer in later years. fenbendazole 222mg capsules for humans