Top Refrigerant Recovery Machine

When choosing the Top refrigerant recovery machine, you have to take a look at different factors. You must look at the specifications, what it does, and its price. You also need to consider the safety features and how easy it is to use. Moreover, you need to choose one that meets the EPA standards. This ensures that it is safe to use and does not pollute the environment.

MR45 from Fieldpiece is a highly powerful and fast recovery machine that can recover both liquid and vapor at the same time. It can handle a wide range of refrigerants including R12, R22, R134A, R407C, R410A, and many others. Its high-pressure shut-off switch helps to keep the user safe, and it has a filter drier to eliminate moisture and acidity. It also has a straight hose, connection ports, and single dial to make it easy to operate. It also offers voltage drop and surge protection so you can work safely even when the power is low.

Another highly popular and reliable refrigerant recovery machine is the Appion G5Twin Twin Cylinder Recovery Unit. It has a twin-cylinder design and comes with an oil-less compressor. It also supports all types of refrigerants and has a pressure rating of 550 PSI. It also has a self-purge feature that prevents cross-contamination and shortens cycle times. Its compact and portable design and lightweight build make it an ideal choice for residential and commercial use. Its rugged case, oversized pressure gauges, and comfortable handle are an added bonus. Top refrigerant recovery machine