What Does a Voice Over Artist Do?

A voice over artist lends their vocal abilities to various projects, such as commercials, video games, and animation. They can also be found narrating audiobooks and e-learning courses.

A successful voice over artist is able to take a script and bring it to life with their unique tone, style, and delivery. This allows them to capture the audience’s attention and build a strong connection with them. It’s essential for a company to hire the right voice over artist for their video as this will help build brand recognition and boost sales.

Most people believe that voice over artists spend most of their days speaking into a microphone but this is just one small part of the job. A voice over artist will have a wide range of duties to perform including researching the industry, preparing for auditions, networking with potential clients and sources of repeat work, and maintaining a professional website to showcase their previous recordings.

Whether it’s the soft, intimate delivery of a romantic scene or the larger-than-life presence of an action-packed sequence, a skilled voice over artist can bring the director’s vision to reality. It’s important for a voice over artist to maintain their skills by working with coaches and attending workshops or classes to develop their talents.

A great place to start on your journey as a voice over artist is developing a demo reel. A demo reel is a collection of different snippets of your voice acting that you can use to show potential employers your abilities. voice over artists