What is a Custom Built Wardrobe?

A custom built wardrobe is a wardrobe that is designed and made to suit your individual needs. Custom-made wardrobes are usually built from high quality materials. This is to ensure that they will be durable, long lasting and easy to maintain. This is a much better option than the usual store bought closets that are often cheaply made and may fall apart after a short period of time.

A good professional will begin the process by visiting your home to measure your available space. Once this is done, the professional will draft a practical design proposal for you to examine. This is your opportunity to make any adjustments that you may want, and you will also be able to see how the design would look in the room.

The professionals will take into account the number of drawers, clothes rails and trouser pull-outs that you require. They will also consider the color of the wardrobe and surface finishes that you prefer. Once the final details are settled, the professional will begin the wardrobe making process. They will also take care of any electrical and plumbing requirements that are required to run the wardrobe’s accessories and lights.

Custom wardrobes are often designed with many unique features that are not usually included in store-bought options. These features include things like jewellery drawers with organizers, trouser racks and storage boxes that can be incorporated based on your specific clothing needs. This makes them more efficient and user-friendly, as well as more attractive than the standard closets that most people use in their homes. custom built wardrobe