What to Expect From an Online Personal Trainer

Online PT is a popular option for people who want to work with a personal trainer but can’t afford in-person training or simply prefer the convenience of exercising at home. Some trainers use an app to deliver weekly workouts and feedback while others communicate with their clients via video calls. In some cases, the online workouts are created from a template while other trainers take an individual approach to each client.

During the initial consultation, a good online PT will ask about your fitness history and whether you’re new to exercise or have been working out for some time. They’ll also ask you about your schedule and how much time you have available to train. They’ll then be able to provide a workout plan that fits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

In addition to creating a workout program, an online PT will often offer nutrition and mental health coaching as part of their services. This helps to ensure that you are on track towards your fitness goals and can make adjustments if necessary.

Depending on the PT, they might also create digital spreadsheets that highlight areas where you are strong and where your weaknesses lie. This can help you identify what areas need more focus in order to improve your performance. They may also offer some ideas about how you can turbo-charge your results by introducing small tweaks to your lifestyle – such as tracking calories, adjusting sleeping patterns etc. Online PT