Adjustable Height Tables For Comfort and Function

When choosing a table for your home or office, height is a factor that can impact both comfort and function. The right height can allow your legs to rest naturally and keep you from having to bend or reach too far. It can also help you avoid strain on the back, neck and shoulders. However, the best height for your table will vary by individual needs and the design of your space.

With tables in standard, counter, and bar height available from many different collections and styles, it’s easy to find a table and chairs that fit your style and dining room needs. You can even use a combination of standard, counter and bar height tables in your workspace to create the perfect setup for collaboration, focused work and casual gatherings.

Standard height tables are 28 to 30 inches from the floor to the top of the table surface and work well for people who are between 5’8” and 5’10”. For most, this size works best for everyday dining or a kitchen nook.

To determine the ideal table height for your space, look at the countertop in your kitchen. Then, select a chair or stool that matches that height for maximum comfort and safety. If your table is too low, it can force an unnatural curve in your spine. If your table is too high, you may have trouble lifting your elbows above the tabletop.

If you want a table that’s adjustable between sitting and standing positions, there are a number of electric and manual models to choose from. Some electric adjustable desks have motors to lift and lower the tabletop, while others are adjusted by knobs, levers or hand cranks. Some even have built-in tech integrations that remind you to stand or sit throughout the day.

For a more modern approach, you can also find a range of mobile adjustable-height tables that move easily to accommodate collaborative projects. Tables from Frovi and Steelcase Flex, for example, can be pushed together or pulled apart at the flick of a button to create the perfect configuration for a team project. You can even pair a Flex desk with a standing height chair like the Steelcase Rise to get a complete set that supports both sitting and standing work.

Whether you opt for a traditional table or an adjustable height one, make sure it’s UL 962 certified for safety. This third-party evaluation of electrical and mechanical performance during recommended use and foreseeable misuse can help reduce liability risk for manufacturers. For an added layer of protection, consider a BodyBilt Desk Shield to fit your height adjustable table.