Best Beach Resorts near Calangute Beach Goa

Calangute beach Goa is one of the finest beaches in the world. It has a natural beauty which is absolutely stunning. Due to its unmatched attractions,Guest Posting the beach is also termed as “The Queen of the beaches”. Its lush green surroundings with well grown palm and coconut trees offer a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

Calangute beach is a hot spot for a number of playful activities. Water sports and beachside games provide the best amusement. Besides these activities, tourists may also enjoy boating, swimming and sunbath on white sands of the beach. The popularity of the beach has reached to a top level with thousands of tourists thronging the place every year. Increased population on the beach has lead to the development of a number of luxurious resorts here. These resorts provide world class services to the tourists in terms of hospitality and comfort.

Calangute beach Goa also has a number of popular buildings, towns and other attractive sights in its vicinity.

Famous Resorts In Calangute Beach

Keeping the popularity of Calangute beach into picture, a lot of luxurious resorts are established near the beach to let you have a comfortable and homely stay while enjoying the freshness and serenity of the beach.

Casa De Goa Resort

Casa De Goa welcomes you to enjoy the eternal charm of the beautiful beach. Located in the sandy paradise of Calangute beach, it offers a comfortable stay that makes you feel to be at your own sweet home. The hotel has 12 suits and 37 rooms to provide a convenient and luxurious stay. Equipped with modern facilities like swimming pool, dining hall and conference hall, the place provides you with best techno-features.

Neelam—the Grand Resort

Neelam hotel is a well furnished four star luxury hotel near Calangute beach. The Grand hotel has around 150 rooms and suits; all well equipped with latest gadgets like tea/coffee makers, electronic safes, fridge, LCD, satellite televisions and duvets. Added to these exemplary features are the separate balconies add to the momentous site seeing experience.

Goan Heritage Hotel

Goan Heritage Hotel is a three star resort. It offers comfortable rooms with the best traditional hospitality. With 75 luxurious rooms and round the clock services, Goan Heritage offers ultimate zone for relaxation. Entertainment zones are in place to take care of your amusement round the clock.

Terra Paraiso Resort

Terra Paraiso Resort Goa is a unique boutique resort covering all basic as well as luxurious facilities, to make your Goa trip a special and most comfortable one. The magnificent furnishing and traditional artistic look makes the place captivating for all visitors. It also offers finest international and national cuisines. Meeting room rental in Qatar