Retin A Cream UK – How to Choose the Best Retinol

Retin a cream uk is a powerful skincare product that works wonders for the skin. It increases cell turnover, stimulates collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to clear acne and fade spots and pigmentation. It’s best used at night and can make the skin a little more sensitive to sunlight, so always remember to use a sunscreen during the day.

It is best to start with a low-strength product and gradually increase the strength of the cream as your skin gets used to it. You may experience some initial irritation, but this should fade after a month or so. The best retinol products are formulated with ingredients that help reduce redness and peeling, such as shea butter and other hydrating oils. They should be applied after cleansing and toning but before applying other face products.

You can find high-strength retinol products in clinics and pharmacies. These are usually prescription-only and contain tretinoin, which has a higher concentration of vitamin A and is more effective than the over-the-counter options available on the market. Retinols are most effective when used at night, after removing all makeup and cleansing the face. They can cause the skin to be slightly more sensitive to the sun, so you should apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day.

There are plenty of drugstore retinols on the market that are suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive ones. This one from Drunk Elephant is a great choice because it combines a powerful 1% concentration of retinol with a host of skin-nourishing natural goodies, such as jojoba, avocado and olive oils. The formula also contains hydroquinone, which is a reversible skin-bleaching agent that is perfect for fading dark spots and areas of hyperpigmentation.

Another option is this bestselling night cream from RoC, which comes in a range of strengths. We love the 0.3% concentration for mature skins that aren’t quite ready to step up to a stronger prescription-strength option, but it’s also available in 1% and 2% concentrations (for which you will need to get a consultation at a clinic or pharmacy). It uses a clever powder chamber within the bottle to release a fresh dose of crystal retinol each time you pump, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most effective formula every time you use it.

A more gentle option is this retinol gel from Skinceuticals, which is suitable for all skin types. The formula contains vitamin A in the form of retinol, paired with other proven anti-ageing ingredients such as matrixyl and copper tripeptides to boost its wrinkle-fighting powers. It’s also free from fragrance, SPF and parabens, making it a good choice for those with very sensitive skin.