Best Places to see in Amsterdam

Amsterdam,Best Places to see in Amsterdam Articles only the name is enough to allure a person who is looking for the place for vacationing. This city is the most populous municipality and capital of the Netherlands. Before we learn about the best places to see in Amsterdam, we must know some interesting points on the origin of its name.

The name Amsterdam derives from the Amstelredamme, which indicates the origin of the city as a dam of the river ‘Amstel’. The innovative approach in trade made it the most important ports in the world, popularly known as the Dutch Golden Age or the 17th century. It is a matter of pride for the citizens that the Canals (17th Century) and Defence line of Amsterdam (19-20th Century) are among the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Let us now proceed with the best places to see in Amsterdam. The list is long, so better lace up for the days you are going to spend in the Venice of the North.

Red Light District:

The most important and the most enticing part of Amsterdam is De Wallen, the Red Light District. Most of the visitors already know about it as the place is related to the prostitution. Cannabis and prostitution are the main attractions of this city that allures many visitors as both are legitimate. The only city in Europe where both of these are liberalized by law is Amsterdam. Apart from this the area also has many sex theaters, a sex museum, sex shops, peep shows, cannabis museum and world’s first condom shop that makes it best places to go in Amsterdam.

Houseboat Museum:

The Houseboat museum is the world’s smallest Museum and is one of its kind. By visiting this place you will get an insight of how people lived in houseboats in 1960’s. The ambiance and the interior are similar to that of old time. The houseboat museum is one amongst the best places to go in Amsterdam. The entry can be done through your Amsterdam card or by paying the entry fee at the entrance door.

Canal Ride:

Amsterdam has over 1500 canals that criss-cross the city. This is one of the most common ways to visit the best places in Amsterdam. Many visitors are seen basking the afternoon sunlight in boats while sight-seeing. Here you can rent out a mass tourism canal boat or a private boat as well. The private boat can cost you a little too much than the latter one, but that is worth the cost as you get the alone time with your significant one. The additional benefit is that you don’t have to listen to the annoying child cries and other disturbing voices.  coffeeshops in Amsterdam