Women’s Leggings

Leggings are a versatile wardrobe staple and can be used as both outerwear and undergarments. Despite their thin fabric, they’re super durable and have a very comfortable fit.

They’re also great for running errands and working out in the gym or at home. Pair them with a loose T-shirt and sneakers or boots for a casual look. When you want to go out, add a sweater and jacket and you’re ready for happy hour or dinner with friends.

These leggings are a good choice for yoga or other exercise because they’re made of breathable fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable while you move. Their fabric is soft both inside and out, and the elastic waistband feels smooth against the skin. The knees feature a gusset for extra strength and the crotch has a U-shaped seam that runs across the center of the legs, which prevents riding up. The tights also have a small zipper pocket big enough for a credit card, keys and moderately sized phone.

These leggings have a full-length cut that looks like pants but is more flexible and comfortable for wearing as workout clothes. They’re a good choice for winters and can be worn with tall boots. They’re also available in wool and are a good choice for cold weather hikes. They’re laundered the same as regular pants and don’t require any special care. Jeggings, which are similar to jeans but are skin-tight and made of spandex and denim, are another type of legging that can be styled for everyday wear. women’s bamboo leggings