Dolores Cannon Hypnosis

Dolores cannon hypnosis
Dolores Cannon is widely known to be the pioneer behind the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). She was also the author of 19 extraordinary books on a variety of topics including Jesus and Nostradamus, Extraterrestrials, the Origins of Life, and The Source.

In her work as a past-life regression hypnotherapist, Dolores would regress her clients into their previous lives. Dolores had found that her clients were often able to receive answers from their subconscious mind about their health, spirituality and personal relationships. Some of these answers were extremely interesting and contradictory to the current medical knowledge we possess in this lifetime.

QHHT works by accessing the client’s subconscious mind through a unique and safe method that bypasses the chatter of the conscious mind. This allows the hypnotized subject to receive unlimited information and relive any of their past experiences. QHHT achieves this in the so-called Somnambulistic trance state, which is normally experienced twice per day – just prior to being awake and just before sleeping.

Many of Dolores’ clients have been able to describe details from their past lives and even show pictures that prove they are telling the truth. These stories are quite fascinating and have sparked interest from all over the world.

On several occasions, Dolores has regressed clients who were on Earth for the first time and were from another dimension. Dolores found that these beings were very troubled by their experience here and wanted to return home.