Free Up Time With a Virtual Receptionist

Having to manage callers and administrative tasks can be distracting from the work you’re doing to grow your business. And when your team wears multiple hats, handling calls can take away from time that could be spent on more important or specialized tasks. By hiring a virtual receptionist to handle your customer service and support, you can free up time to focus on growing your business.

In addition to answering phones, virtual receptionists can schedule appointments and provide administrative support for your business. They can also screen out solicitations and answer FAQs so your team isn’t distracted by non-work-related calls. Many virtual receptionist services are paid by the minute or per call, which means your business only pays for the services it actually needs. This allows small businesses to have a receptionist give personalized attention to a smaller or variable call volume without having to hire, train and manage a full-time employee with all the associated costs and burdens.

Most virtual receptionists operate in a way that reflects the voice of your brand, and their team members are trained to understand how your business operates so callers never know they’re talking to an external company. Additionally, most of these providers use noise-canceling technology to keep background noise to a minimum, which helps make your callers feel like they’re being helped by someone in your office.

Businesses that often receive calls from customers or prospects about scheduling issues should consider a virtual receptionist. This includes companies in sectors such as retail, recruitment, or law that rely on frequent phone engagement to build relationships with their customers and clients.  virtual receptionist