Rainbow Moonstone – A Multifaceted Gemstone – How it is created? and Its PropertiesRainbow Moonstone – A Multifaceted Gemstone – How it is created? and Its Properties

moss agate engagement ringA rainbow displays one of the most vivid and beautiful colors nature has to offer. Rainbow moonstone is as spectacular as its name. It has the splendid silky-white sheen of the moon and has exceptional property that displays different rainbow like colors. Besides the color,Guest Posting the stone has always been associated with spirituality and believed to hold mystical qualities that have enchanted many for centuries. As a sparkling diamond is found in dark coalmines, a gleaming rainbow moonstone is found in the dark cooled magma of the earth.
How rainbow moonstone is created?
Moonstones are usually found in areas that are active in hydrothermic and volcanic activity. Moonstone is essentially called orthoclase or feldspar stone. The rock is available in two types, one that is combination of sodium and calcium and another that primarily contains the chemical potassium. Feldspar is a regular stone that is abundantly available around the globe. However, this stone is mixed with fuming thick magma and water and the birth process of moonstone begins. When the fiery liquid magma comes in contact with water it begins to cool down and the minerals muse together to form crystals inside the volcanic rock. These precious crystals then start to settle layer by layer. This activity takes millions of years and this process gives the rainbow moonstone its color and shine.
Characteristics of the rainbow moonstone
Compared to regular silky white moonstone, rainbow moonstone depicts more diaphaneity and hence is more transparent than regular moonstone. Apart from the general moonstone color, it has a distinct property that displays various colors like pink, grey, yellow, blue, purple and green thus, the name rainbow moonstone. Other characteristics of the stone are similar to regular moonstone. It weighs about six on the Mohs scale of hardness. Its specific gravity amounts to 2.55 to 2.63. The stone has a straight fracture with perfect cleavage and has pearly or vitreous luster.
As rainbow moonstone belongs to the silicate mineral family, it has a monoclinic crystal system. The crystal habit of the stone shows tabular form patterns that are mostly stretched out. This crystal habit is usually called Eudedral or Anhedral. Due to its crystal habit, the stone sometimes shows uniform patterns and sometimes it shows uneven designs.
Physical Properties
Rainbow moonstone is considered a feminine stone and hence is known to be extremely beneficial for women. It is believed to improve hormonal imbalances in women; it is useful during menstrual cycles and menopause. It is also known to aid in managing anger and keep stress levels under control. Besides, the stone is supposed to aid in reducing swelling, which occurs due to excess fluid accumulation in the body. In addition, it is considered to help the functioning of pituitary glands, cure obesity issues and digestion problems.
Mystical Properties
Rainbow moonstone is believed to inspire the inner well being of a person. In earlier days, mariners often wore moonstone as it was thought to protect the traveler when out in sea. The stone is known to spread harmony and peace in one’s life and is believed to aid strong bonding between family members.moss agate engagement ring