TEDxLesvos Artist Profile – Steve Stratis

A prolific artist, steve stratis has won several awards for his work. His art combines digital 3D sculpting and fluid VFX to broaden awareness and appreciation for physical phenomena beyond human perception. The result is a visually striking piece that captures the essence of fluidity, serenity and the intangible nature of emotions. His artworks have been featured on various magazine covers and have also been featured in a number of award and television shows.

He is a frequent collaborator of artists from around the world. He also hosts a variety of music series around the country. His latest project, TEDxLesvos, is a local event in the spirit of TED’s mission to spread ideas worth spreading. He wants to use his platform to help people realize that they can make a difference in their communities, by finding unique ways to plant trees, fund cancer research and promote healthy eating.

Stratus was born in Toronto, Ontario and is of Greek and Polish descent. She is the eldest daughter of John and Alice Stratigias and has two sisters, Christie and Melissa. She is a graduate of York University with a BA in psychology and a minor in business administration. During her college years, she was a competitive figure skater and later worked as an actress in film and television, appearing in a series of commercials for McDonald’s and participating in the Just for Laugh’s comedy festival in Montreal.

She began her professional wrestling career in 1999, signing with WWE and appearing on the Raw brand as a backup for Lita until she won the Raw Diva Search in April of that year. Throughout the remainder of her first year in WWE, Stratus unsuccessfully competed for the Raw Women’s Championship numerous times and feuded with Lita.

In early 2002, Stratus began an on-screen romance with Chris Jericho and the pair competed in intergender tag team matches. However, Stratus later overheard Jericho discussing with Christian about sleeping with Lita and the two feuded until a match at Armageddon ended in a no contest.

During the summer of 2003, Stratus was involved in a storyline that saw her attacked by Lita during a Raw taping. This led to an Indian Strap match at SummerSlam where Stratus defeated Lita to win the WWF Women’s Championship for the first time in her career.

Following her victory, Stratus would go on to defend her title multiple times and compete in numerous Indian Strap matches. Stratus also made several appearances on the SmackDown brand, winning a tag team match with MVP and Mark Henry against Lita and the Hardy Boyz.

In September 2009, Stratus was guest host of the Raw episode taped in her hometown of Toronto. She appeared in a backstage segment with Phoenix and her former character beau, Chris Jericho. She later competed in a six-person tag team match with MVP and Henry to defeat Phoenix, Jericho, and The Big Show. She also wrestled a singles match against Lita with the Sharpshooter submission move.