The Ringsmaker

The Ringsmaker is a unique tool that makes cutting jump rings fast and simple. It uses a low-flow pump to keep the blade submerged in lubricant at all times. There is a catch basin underneath where the overflow and cutting dust collects to be pumped back through for reuse; a very efficient design that eliminates guesswork about lubricant levels. It also allows the user to use water soluble cutting fluid that can be rinsed off completely after each use.

The tool works surprisingly well for such an inexpensive little device. It works particularly well with thinner wire, but even with heavier gauges it is very easy to make precise and clean cuts. This makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to quickly and easily turn any wire into jump rings. Especially for those who want to try making jewelry with vivid Artistic wires that add color and definition to their designs.

Whether you are using the Ringinator with aluminum, gold filled, sterling or base petal wire you will find it to be an indispensable addition to your workroom. The machine has an easy to use plastic handle that screws to a mandrel to begin coiling the wire and turning it into a series of linked rings. A built in guide on the blade keeps the coil centered and straight during cutting. The blade itself is very sharp and is made of stainless steel that is specially coated for cutting. It is very durable and has a long life span.

The Ringsmaker is a very handy little device that saves you time, money and frustration in your efforts to make jewelry. It can pay for itself by allowing you to saw cut your own jump rings in the quantities you need without having to place orders with Catalogs, Websites or local Bead Stores. A pound of 20g Jewelers Brass or aluminum wire costs about $10 and you can make that much in just a few hours with the Ringinator. The Ringsmaker is a simple and compact device that almost any person can use. It is a must have for every jewelry maker.